Regulatory & Compliance Practice Group

The Regulatory and Compliance Practice Group provides specialized legal advisory as it relates to the most pressing regulatory challenges facing the lending and payments industry. Our team has previously served as in-house counsel and has led internal compliance groups at some of the nation’s largest banks, which gives us the first-hand experience to help our clients.

Focus areas include:

  • Consumer Credit
  • Deposits
  • Marketplace Lending
  • Collections
  • Anti-Money Laundering/OFAC
  • Examination Support
  • Portfolio Due Diligence
  • Safety and Soundness
  • Bank Powers
  • Affiliate Transactions
  • Branch Banking
  • Insider Lending

Across these focus areas, the services we typically provide include:

  • Board of Directors and Audit Committee Advisory
  • Risk Assessment Development and Execution
  • Audit and Regulatory Examination Support
  • Compliance Testing
  • Program Development and Execution
  • Policy and Procedure Review or Creation
  • Compliance Education Programs
  • Regulatory Applicability Advisory