Why Bridgeforce Law?

We understand the industry. The regulatory landscape is ever-evolving, so what worked yesterday may not work today. The intersection of legal and operational considerations in the lending and payments industry is critical to all aspects of business success. Bridgeforce Law understands your business realities while providing practical legal guidance. We have the depth of knowledge and experience to help you make the most pragmatic business decisions and then quickly operationalize them within your business.

We provide relief. Bridgeforce Law does not deliver theoretical academic answers, but instead gives pragmatic solutions that actually solve problems. We have found that clients expect a thorough understanding of the subject matter, and greatly value counselors who will invest the time to learn the business. We provide tailored solutions that work within your operational constraints—a practical approach that empowers you to make smart business decisions.

We help you leverage existing partnerships. While we work directly with many clients, we are also frequently called upon to advise in-house and external attorneys and other client advisers to help connect the dots between case law, regulations and operational change. Bridgeforce Law brings the courage to have tough conversations, and when coupled with practical leadership and functional expertise, the foundation is laid for your success.